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About Medical Buddy

Neurological injury is a cause of significant disability and morbidity. Common causes of neurological injury can be trauma or complications in maternal care. The long-term consequences of these can be devastating for all those involved. Yet the long-term sequelae of these is both poorly understood and managed. Although this could be due to a number of reasons, we believe there are three major reasons:

Lack of understanding

Lack of understanding of patients needs by a medical professional – many doctors may only see a patient in either the hospital or community. They lack a holistic overview of your needs. At Medical Buddy we understand patient needs

Information overload

Information overload, there is a lot of medical and research literature available. Knowing where to start is even a challenge. You can rely on Medical Buddy to give you the correct answers.

Service awareness

Patients being unaware of services available to them. Each patient is unique and suffers from different symptoms. Finding the right services available to them can be a challenge. This is where Medical Buddy comes into action.


To overcome these issues, Medical Buddy has recruited volunteer medical doctors who we will pair up on a one-to-one basis with patients who have suffered from a serious neurological injury as a result of trauma or medical mismanagement.

Medical Buddy believes that through these pairings the doctors will be able to develop a unique insight into the patient, be able recommend relevant services to the patient and help them understand medical literature.

Medical Buddy Questions and Answers

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have. We can help you get there.

A medical buddy is a volunteer doctor. This is a free service, run by volunteers.  A medical buddy will provide you with information specific to your disease and make you aware of services available to you.

You will be assigned a personal medical buddy. You will be able arrange telephone calls and text your medical buddy to discuss your medical questions.

The medical buddy will be at hand not only to provide you with a listening ear but will also be able to help you with:

  • Anatomy, pathology and physiology of a disease with you.
  • Make you aware of local services (charities and NHS)
  • Discuss medications/treatments
  • Discuss new research findings
  • Discuss guidelines and diagnostic criteria

Due to limited numbers of volunteer medical buddies, we can only take on patients within the six months of their injury. We have limited the scope of our practice to the following conditions.

  • Hypoxic brain injury due to medical complications.
  • Serious injury arising from pregnancy and/or delivery of your baby.
  • Brain or spinal cord injury as a result of trauma or medical care.

We understand that it can take time to get a diagnosis and this is a common when issue with children. A lack of diagnosis should not stop an individual from getting the help they need. If you suspect you or your child have suffered from a brain injury let us know. We will pair you up with a medical buddy.

If your medical condition is due to trauma or medical mismanagement, we may be able to help. Please fill in the contact form with as much detail as possible of what happened.  We will try our best to allocate a medical buddy.

We have created a forum where medical buddies can liaise with each other and senior doctors/researchers about any difficult questions they have encountered. They can also discuss the latest research and the availability of local services.  This allows challenging questions to be addressed by community of healthcare professionals.

*This forum is closed to public access and no personal details of any patients are permitted.

Your medical buddy will provide you with impartial medical advice. The medical buddy cannot provide you with emergency care or prescriptions. In the case of an emergency please call 999.

Yes. We encourage you to speak to them in times of need. Your medical buddy will be available to answer any questions you may have. However, they cannot request any investigations or treatments for you.

To be assigned a medical buddy please fill in our contact us form. We will contact you within three working days.

To ensure a maximal chance of allocation and to the right professional please provide as much details in the contact us section. If we are unable to assign you a medical buddy, we will signpost you to appropriate services.

There is no time limit. The duration could be a few months to several years – you decide.

Contact Medical Buddy

Please provide as much detail of what happened or why you feel your care hasn’t gone to plan. This will help Medical Buddy to allocate the right medical buddy for you.